A Contractor’s Best Tool– Portable Air Compressors

Being a service providing contractor means you’re going need a variety of different tools in order to meet the needs of customers. The best method in tackling any size project, both inside and outside the home, is investing in high quality portable air compressors. These compact machines are light enough to carry with you, wherever you go, and can safely be set up in any room of a clients house. Whether you’re putting up new trim or cabinets, or spray painting, a compressor will make completing the job easier and faster. Not to mention, once you purchase one, you’ll be able to pick up more work and broaden your customer base.


One of the key ways to make more money than you spend when you’re your own boss is to keep track of expenses. If carpentry, landscaping or general handyman work is your niche, you’re going to want to keep the costs down. That doesn’t mean cut corners on projects for your customers but it means being smart about the tools you choose to buy. Air compressors are multipurpose tools, allowing you to accept different jobs for the same client. For example: with this machine, you’ll be able to nail, staple, sand, paint and even pressure wash without wasting time and energy doing it all by hand. Compressors are quick and nearly effortless to use. Keep in mind that tank size will affect how long it will run before it needs to be refilled. So, if you plan on booking larger jobs, look into larger tank compressors.


There are two main types of compressor that you’ll want to read about before going out and buying one. While the function is the same, electric and gas powered compressors are very different from each other. Electric, is often smaller and easy to move around but generally doesn’t last as long. One of the biggest pros about electric is that they can be used indoors and do not require a special vent. The downside is that they don’t last as long. Gas powered are usually larger, heavier and not as easy to carry around with you but great for outdoor use. They let off a lot of dangerous toxins though and should never be used inside unless properly ventilated.They’re great for using in the garage when working on your car or if you need to pressure wash the driveway.

While gas powered tend to last a lot longer in one sitting than electric compressors, they could limit what you’re available for as far as jobs go. Portable, electric compressors keep you flexible to the hundreds of different tasks one might need to hire you for around the house. If you’re looking to save time and energy while bringing in more customers, consider these amazing machines and all the ways you could benefit from them throughout your workday.