Electrician and “Handyman” – How I Refurbished an Electric Log Splitter

Many people prefer gas hydraulic log splitters over electric hydraulic because they are extremely portable and more powerful than electric. However, electric log splitters have their advantages. They are lighter, more environmentally friendly, and they cost significantly less than gas-powered splitters. Still, electric log splitters can have problems just like gas, and refurbishing can keep them in top shape for wood cutting excursions.
When refurbishing an electric log splitter, safety is the ultimate priority:

• wear safety glasses!
• hands should be kept free of all hydraulics…no checking for fluid by putting your hands in harm’s way
• tubes and fittings should be in shape – no cracks or holes
• relieve hydraulic pressure prior to working on the machine
• the valve shouldn’t be adjusted while repairing
• the pressure in hydraulic lines and the pressure in hydraulics themselves can break the skin – this leaves dirty oil in an open wound…not a good situation
Once safety consideration is evaluated, refurbishing can commence:
• check for leaks by passing cardboard over areas suspected of having a leak
• replace hoses that are leaking
• replace cracked or broken gaskets and fittings
• drain hydraulic fluid to check for metal shavings and debris
• evaluate capacitor for bulging or irregularity (make sure any extension cords provide enough amperage)
Some people will not refurbish their electric or gas hydraulic log splitters because they fear that age creates inevitable danger and risk surrounding the hydraulic parts. This is not true! Hydraulic log splitters are not inherently dangerous, and the responsible user has a very minimal chance of being harmed.
Electric hydraulic log splitters do not have as much power as gas, but they make easy work of wood splitting compared to a splitting maul. They take a little bit longer than gas, but it’s easy and cheap to get them powered when a cord of wood is dumped in your driveway. Those who are “going green” appreciate the environmental friendliness of electric, which can draw power from solar power and other forms of alternative energy.
If you find an older electric log splitter for sale, or if you have one that’s nearing the time for an overhaul, don’t discard it! Refurbishing a log splitter creates a like-new product that will work as well as the original. You’ll be pleased when you get to replace tired, log-splitting arms with a machine that takes the hard work out of log splitting and adds beauty to your wood pile by creating perfectly split cords of wood.