Power Scope Electric ensures safety and savings

The decision to hire a residential electrician for your new construction or renovation needs is met with the need for research about the electrician’s reputation and ability. Power Scope Electric exceeds the needs of the property owner every time.

My name is Ash Vann, and I have lived in the Clinton, Tennessee region for most of my adult life. I am excited to bring industry technology to the home. A licensed electrician for over a decade, I bring solutions to the electrical arena. I specializes in energy efficient electrical options that will save homeowners money while allowing more electrical features in the home.

Fire Safety

One of the most common fire hazards in the home is electricity. While some electrical hazards are easily identified, such as exposed wires or blackened outlets, others are not so easy to detect. They wait undetected behind walls and covered by outlets waiting to ignite the insides of our homes. Much of the risk is created by homeowners who insist on doing the work themselves without proper training, but a new homeowner cannot know what previous owners have one prior to their purchase. I specialize in the diagnosis and repair of those circumstances, so my customers can rest easy knowing their home is safer after I’ve been working.

Lighting Solutions

Another popular request that I have become an expert in is lighting solutions. Lighting is cosmetic, but it also serves a safety purpose. Well-lit hallways and outdoor paths allow inhabitants to walk freely without concern for falls and stubbed toes. Lighting also serves as a deterrent to would-be intruders. My lighting options include cosmetic, safety, and security options. I also have extensive training in smart-home technology, so lighting and other electrical features can be controlled and monitored from your smartphone no matter where you are in the world.


There are many historic homes and homes over 75 year’s old that sadly have not had their electrical updated. Some houses still have fuses instead of breaker boxes, and not only is this unsafe, but it is inefficient. The rewiring of these homes is a large task, but I have the tools and know-how available to make quick work of these projects, which makes them go faster but also saves you money.


I guarantee my work and will return as soon as possible to evaluate any complaints or concerns you may have following my work. I’m also licensed and bonded, so you can rest easy knowing I’ve got you covered in the unlikely event of hardship.

My focus in on quality workmanship, and I want your electrical solutions to be done perfectly and cost you less than my competitors. I stand by my work, and you can relax knowing you are in good hands with Power Scope electric.

Please contact me if you’d like to have an estimate. I can do quick estimates over the telephone or email, but I will need to visit your home to evaluate the actual job if you want a specific quote, which I will stand by.

Contact me at this link if you have questions. I look forward to providing your electrical solutions.